Sit On It

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Sit On It
Alexey and his brother Vlad ran away to join the circus…literally! They signed up with a traveling show and for 6 months lived a chaotic life. Vlad went home to Michigan, and Alexey called Mark Gemini for a ticket to Florida. This video was shot the very next day and Alexey is glad to be back, and Mark is glad he is back. The videos starts with a bit of a mystery as to who’s under the helmet, and when he shakes his blonde hair out, we see that it is Alexey.

He gets comfortable on a soft cushy rug wearing a red jock that can’t hold his horse cock. His hole hasn’t seen any action (except for one night and you’ll hear all about that!) so he starts fingering himself to get ready for some toys. Of course that’s gets his dick even harder and he strips off the jock for better access to both hole and cock. A good fingering only goes so far, so Alexey breaks out a silver bullet vibrator and makes it all but disappear in his hungry ass. Again, the butt wants what the butt wants and right now it wants a big glass butt plug. With the plug firmly in place, both of his hands are free to bring him pleasure. He stands up and jacks his hard horse cock and the view from between his legs looking up is fuckin’ hot! Of course when he’s on his knees jacking doggy style, it looks pretty great, too.

Now Alexey is ready to get off and he starts sucking a realistic black dildo. Sitting down on the faux cock and jacking his dick gets him really close, so he reverses his position so we can see him riding it from the back. But he can’t stand it anymore and has to cum so he reverses himself again and faces us as he bobs up and down. His face tightens, his breathing gets heavier and he shoots a thick creamy load in his hand. Bringing his hand to his upturned face, he drops his jizz into his mouth and savors the treat. Alexey had a great time and so did we!

Studio: Gemini Studios
Director: Mark Gemini


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Sit On It



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