Spanking 55

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Spanking 55
Matej Krab is laying, face down, on the sofa, gagged and shackled. His tormentor arrives and starts feeling over Matej’s back. He straddles Matej and feels his ass. Then he wedges the underwear into the ass crack and starts to spank the cheeks. Matej moans through his gag as he feels the hands on his ass. Then the underwear is pulled down, baring the sexy ass. Then hands spank on the ass and down onto Matej’s thighs as well. He moans as he feels it. Then he is moved onto his knees with the ass cheeks spreading to show his hot hole. The hands pull on the cheeks, spreading them and then spank on the ass some more. Oil is then rubbed over the ass and into the crack. A finger probes Matej’s tight hole as he keeps moaning. It fucks deep into the tight hole. Then the finger is pulled out and that hot ass gets spanked more. The finger is shoved back into that hole, fucking it deep. Matej is turned over to lay on his back, legs up, with that hot ass on show. More oil is rubbed over it and all over his cock and balls. The ass is spanked and then fingered some more as his cock is also wanked. Then clothes pins are attached all over Matej’s balls. His hot ass gets more of the heavy hand and the clothes pins and hit too. Then they are removed and Matej gets more of the heavy hand on his ass. Finally he is left to wank himself and to deliver a nice cumshot that shoots all over his hot body.

Plus 2 more hot scenes.

Studio: William Higgins
Director: William Higgins


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Spanking 55



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