Spanking 56

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Spanking 56
Igor Galek is shackled and gagged and wearing just his underear. His tormentor, Filip Cervenka, arrives and starts to attach clothes pins to Igor’s body. He also whips and spanks on that hot body as Igor moans. Then Filip applies the pins to Igor’s cock and balls before whipping and spanking some more. He then turns Igor over so that he can spank the sexy ass. He spanks and whips the ass making Igor moan even more and then he spreads the cheeks to check out the hot hole. When he has enjoyed himself enough Filip lets Igor wank himself to a big hard erection and a very nice cum shot.

Our sexy Adam Egner is on the baed, shackled and gagged. He is joined by his tormentor and his whip. Adam’s ass is quickly bared and he feels the whip all over his back and ass. The heavy hands of the tormentor also spank Adam’s hot body and ass. Then clothes pins are attached to the ass too. Adam is moved onto his knees and has his ass cheeks spread to show off his hairy hole. The hand and whip are used on the ass and pins attached to his balls. Then a finger is shoved into his hot little hole. He is turned over, with legs up, and has clothes pins on his cock and balls as the finger works his hole some mpre. Adam’s feet are then tickled too. Finally Adam’s legs are lowered and he wanks his stiff cock to a big, creamy, climax.

Jan Dalek is a really hot guy. He looks great as he lays, shackled, on the bed. He is gagged too and is trying to release himself, to no avail. His torment arrives and starts to use his whip on that hot body. The Jan’s chest is slapped and his nipples are pulled too. The whipping continues too as Jan keeps moaning and struggling.

Studio: William Higgins
Director: William Higgins


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Spanking 56



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