Spanking 57

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Spanking 57
Alan Pekny is bound and gagged, in a chair. He is naked too, showing his sexy body, as he tries to free himself. His tormentor arrives, draping a whip along Alan’s hot body. Alan moans as he feels the heavy hands on is sexy ass. Then that ass feels a vibrator pushing against the hole and Alan grimaces as it slips past the sphincter and goes inside. The vibrator opens his hole and his ass gets more spanking. Then when that hole has had enough fucking from the toy, and his cheeks are sore from spanking Alan sits up and wanks his cock until he shoots his hot cum.

Sexy str8 guy is shackled and gagged as he lies on his belly on the sofa. He is wriggling trying to release himself, moving his sexy, naked, ass round too. He is joined by his tormentor who straddles him and begins spanking on that hot ass. The heaving hands land on the beautifully rounded cheeks as Karel moans. The cheeks are squeezed and pinched too. Then a whip is used on them as well. That ass looks so hot that the tormentor has to do more with it.
Karel Polak is shackled and gagged as he lays, face down, on the bed. This hot straight guy is pulling against his cuffs as his tormentor arrives. The tormentor quickly rips open Karel’s underwear exposing his hot ass. Karel moans as he feels the whip on his back. He feels the heavy hand as it spanks on his sexy ass. And that is just the start.

Studio: William Higgins
Director: William Higgins


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Spanking 57



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