Spanking 58

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Spanking 58
Tomas Salek is a sexy hunk. This hot straight guy is gagged and shackled to the cross, wearing only his underwear. He struggles as he tries to release himself, but to no avail. His tormentor arrives and begins to feel over Tomas’ hot body. That body is so hot and muscular. The tormentor slaps the firm belly and rubs over Tomas’ chest. Tomas’ nipples are pulled and his chest is slapped. Clamps are applied to the nipples too, as Tomas’ continues to struggle. Clothes pins are attached to his torso too and the hair on his chest is pulled. His underwear is pulled down and the thick thighs are slapped too. What cums next has to be seen.

Lukas Chlad is a very sexy str8 guy. Good looking and well built this hot hunk is gagged and shackled, with his throbbing cock and his balls sticking out of his underwear. His tormentor arrives and begins to slap at Lukas’ chest, pulling on his nipples. The nipples respond, getting hard and then Lukas’ cock gets slapped too. It is rock hard so clearly he is up for the treatment. His foreskin and the ball sack is pulled too and then clothes pins are attached. Clamps are attached to his nipples too, and pulled. Then the cock and balls are slapped as the pins are removed. Lukas is turned around and his ass shown, with a spit in the underwear to show his crack. What will happen next?

Cute and sexy straight guy Franta Tucny is shackled and gagged on the table. He is naked too and at the mercy of his tormentor. Soon that tormentor arrives and begins to run his hands all over Franta. Reaching the feet he starts to spank them. Then he works his way up to Franta’s sexy ass, spanking it hard. He spreads the ass cheeks too to examine the tight hole. Then that ass is spanked some more, as Franta moans through his gag. How much hard spanking and play can he take?

Studio: William Higgins
Director: William Higgins


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Spanking 58



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