Spanking 59

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Spanking 59
Martin Tesar is a very sexy str8 guy. He is gagged and shackled and wearing just his tight budgie smugglers. He keeps wriggling his shackled wrists, trying to release them. Then he is joined by his tormentor who is hooded. Martin’s nipples are pulled and his chest is slapped. He moans as he feels the heavy hands landing on his hot body. He feels the sting of a riding crop on his chest and then the hands slap at Martin’s dick in his underwear. Clothespins are attached to his nipples as hands keeps slapping the body. How much more can Martin take? Watch and see.

Anton Kaner is bound and gagged, lying on the floor. He is writhing around on his belly, trying to free himself. He is joined by his captor who begins to spank on Anton’s ass. Straddling him, the captor’s heavy hand lands on that sexy ass. Then Anton’s back feels the hands too. A riding crop is brought into use too, on that hot ass. More spanking by the hands takes place before a whip is used all over the legs, back and ass. Anton writhes and moans as he feels it all. His pleasure with the harsh play is evident.

Ondra Taryk is such a great looking str8 guy. In this spanking scene he is shackled and gagged and wearing just his underwear. His tormentor arrives and slaps Ondra’s ass and then starts to feel all over that hot body. The hand slap on the beautiful chest as Ondra moans. A riding crop is used to hit on that chest which makes Ondra moan loudly. His crotch is groped too and then the heavy hands slap on his chest. Nipple clamps are applied and then the underwear is pulled down to expose Ondra’s cock, balls and bush. From there the play just gets more intense.

Studio: William Higgins
Director: William Higgins


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Spanking 59



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