Spanking Stories 101

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Spanking Stories 101
Having been given a book to study Conrad decides to shove it to one side and do nothing. Not a wise move with this particular teacher. In short order Conrad finds himself bending over the desk getting a belting. It’s been a while since we saw Conrad and it appears his attitude has not improved at all. The belt is used on his trousers, bright orange underwear and then his bare ass. A three part lesson in getting on with his studies.

What is nicer than a walk in the forest on a summer’s day? Well Leon finds it boring and is waving a stick around and bashing the foliage. He is told not to do it but carries on. But enough is enough and he is grabbed by the ear and taken to a wall and pulled OTK. He gets a good spanking right in the middle of a busy footpath, hence the glances round for walkers. With both the hand and the sun warming his ass Leon learns to enjoy the walk or else. Looking very dejected afterwards the two head off to finish the walk.

Philip is made to stand up and take a set with the brush, not the usual OTK. The position makes it hard to react without looking weak and one thing Philip insists on is not showing too much. He seems to go into his own space as the brush strokes land and his ass gets that lovely wobble each time. He said after that it was the hardest way to be spanked that he has done and not one that he would want to do again.

Keep watching for two more asses spanked to a lovely glowing red.

Leon *


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