Spanking Stories 103

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Spanking Stories 103
Cal slips up: Checking through some papers there appears to be a small error and Cal is called to explain whats happened. As he comes into the room to see whats up he stumbles and spills coffee on Tony. Luckily Cal likes to drink his coffee cold and no harm is done. But a white shirt has been ruined and Tony and the couch have coffe all over them. Cal is told to mop up the mess while Tony changes clothes and unknown to Cal fetches the brush. Cal then finds himself OTK for a darn good brush spanking. He gets some swats on his trousers before he removes them and gets more on his tight black boxers. Cal has a great ass for spanking and it looks perfect in the boxers. But these have to go as well and then his bare ass gets a good walloping. Cal has a very expressive face and all the way through the spanking he looks rueful. A really hot Cal spanking clip.

Mark Green: Mark has to be home on time but he is dawdling along chatting on his phone. That means he is late back and the paddle is waiting for him. He looks kind of despondent when he is called in and told to kneel on the couch. He gets some good hard swats on the tight fitting black shorts he is wearing but this is just a warm up. He is told to drop the shorts and adopt the position wearing his green briefs. These offer little protection and before long these two are ordered off and he gets a good paddling on the bare ass. A good lesson in time keeping for Mark.

Philip Football: Out in the forest in the sun is a great way to spend a day. Relaxing or doing a little work and thats just what Tony and Philip are doing. Philip is kicking a ball around and Tony is making notes for stuff to do at home later. But Philip gets a bit careless and the ball bounces on the table and breaks Tony’s concentration. In a flash Philip is grabbed, and instinctively he bends onto the table. Plus two more hot scenes.



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Spanking Stories 103



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