Spanking Stories 104

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Spanking Stories 104
Meet Kristopher: Surly, lazy, a little bit arrogant he might be but shy he really is. For this, his first visit, Kristopher was extremely nervous and not really looking forward to his first spanking. Because he was a little apprehensive he made the mistake of strolling through the park on his way and made himself late. He walks straight into a spanking with the ping pong bat, a great welcome to a new guy. He gets a warm up on the tight fitting jeans before they are taken down and he presents a shapely butt in tighty whiteys. These are a good target for the bat and his whimpering and moaning say that he is feeling his first spanking. These of course come down and his cute fluffy little butt is there for the bare ass spanking finale. The look on his face at the end when he rubs his ass is priceless. A lovely debut for Kristopher.

Leon Bench:
This is a requested clip. After seeing Ricky over the bench we had requests to see Leon in the same position. He is marched in and told to straddle the bench. This presents his ass perfectly for a strapping. A stoic lad who does take a good spanking, as the colour of his ass shows, this is a good hard strap session for him. There is nowhere to turn in this position and as the swats fall he has to take each one like a man.

Leon Paddled: Leon is tied to the wall rings and ready to get a good paddling. He is a tough little guy and tries really hard not to show that it hurts like hell. The shots of his face tell the whole story as he grits his teeth and grimaces, you just know the swats are hitting home. The spanking ends and Leon presses his head to the wall in relief. Plus three more hot scenes!


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Spanking Stories 104



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