Spanking Stories 106

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Spanking Stories 106
He might be the new junior in the office but Danny still has sales figures to meet. This has not happened and there’s only one way to deal with this. The boss tells him to bend over the desk and a small leather paddle is bought out to give a lesson in motivation.

Leon has had a shower and left the bathroom in a mess, he has done this before so should know better. He is called in wearing only blue boxers and spanked in the wheelbarrow position. He really does not like this position and the look on his face says it all. At the end of the spanking Leon is told to go and clean the bathroom. But it appears he did not do as he was told and other than change his underwear he has done nothing at all. So its back into the wheelbarrow for a reminded spanking

Well, Philip has on green underwear; he is in the wood and has a wood, a nice little combination for a summer’s day spanking outside. Marched in and pulled up OTK he gets a spanking to remember. The idea of anyone passing seeing that he has been naughty and needs dealing with is a real worry for Philip.

Philip is in trouble, as usual, but this time he is told to remove his belt and hand it over. This is what he is going to be spanked with. The look on his face as he realizes that this is the case is a cross between shocked and disbelief. Kneeling on the couch he gets a good belting first on the shorts then on the underwear.

This is a follow up clip to Ricky on the bench where he got the paddle. The clip is in response to a number of requests to see him get the strap this time. He does look inviting when he lays down on the bench, a perfect profile and very pert buttocks. The strap soon adds some color to the scene and his face starts to show some strain. The camera angles are great and capture his butt getting the strap wonderfully. A classic Ricky strap scene


Spanking Stories 106



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