Spanking Stories 107

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Spanking Stories 107
This is the follow up to Cal Suited as requested by TK from Austria. Cal has come home from work looking messy and with a serious amount of attitude. He is told to lean against wall next to the window and take a set with the strap. Some good healthy swats on the trousers are followed by some really nice strokes on his dark blue briefs. The look on his face says that he is not feeling quite as cocky as he was.

It has been lovely and hot recently and Kristopher decides that it’s a good idea to stop for a beer in the park on the way home. But this is a big mistake and he gets home to find that out the hard way. He is told and pulled OTK. Suddenly the idea of a drink on the way home does not seem so good. He gets a warm up on the jeans before being told to drop them and get back OTK.

Having been caught having a smoke in the forest Leon is subject to a real punishment. Not only does he have to strip naked and get spanked but he has to do a series of exercises as well. He has to run a short distance and return, bend over and get some swats with the belt. He then has to do star jumps and run again before returning for more of the belt. Then he has to do press ups and while he is doing them he gets the belt, adding to the strain of the exercise.

Ricky is home from work and in trouble as usual. He is made to kneel on the coffee table and get a set with the ping pong bat, first, on his black trousers as a warm up until he takes these down and adopts the position again. Then he gets a set on the blue briefs.

Ricky is in for a spanking with the ping pong bat, which as always he deserves thoroughly. The way he raises himself slightly in the wheelbarrow position is just perfection. A great butt in the ideal position and beautifully clothed in his tight boxers. When he has to remove his underwear later on and gets a bare ass spanking as well and because of the position he is in things become very animated indeed.


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Spanking Stories 107



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