Spanking Stories 109

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Spanking Stories 109
More trouble for Cal: Cal is just back from work and has to face the music. He has no time to protest as he is told to bend over the chair, the belt is then laid across his butt. A few good strokes on the trousers before he is told to drop them, then a good set on the tight figure hugging blue boxers. While they show Cal off really well they also have to go down so his bare ass can get the final set. A good spanking for Cal, which he always seems to deserve. The final shot of him adjusting his tie shows the caliber of this guy.

Danny attitude: Danny is asked nicely to do some chores around the place, his response is to flip the bird as soon as he thinks he is alone and go back to playing with his phone. But he was seen and is confronted with the belt for his attitude. Rolled over he gets a start on his shorts, but just a start. He is then told to take them down and lay back and he gets some good whacks on his underwear. These too have to be dropped and his bare butt gets the final set. The look on his face at the end as he looks up is priceless.

Meet Matthew: Matthew is just what you would expect, a lazy lad who is addicted to his phone. So when he is called several times to do the chores he just sits there and says yeah yeah without looking up. This needs to be corrected and when he is confronted he finds himself OTK finding out that its not smart to play with a smart phone. Some classic camera angles on this new lad as he gets a spanking he deserved. His blue shorts are good and his green underwear shows off his butt nicely, his bare ass is a perfect shape for a spanking. All in all a great debut for Matthew and its safe to say that he has that innocent face that hides a naughty side and will be back for more soon. Plus two more hot scenes!

Danny (m)


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Spanking Stories 109



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