Spanking Stories 110

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Spanking Stories 110
Cadet Kristopher: On his way home from cadets Kristopher sees someone walking in the forest. Hiding in the undergrowth he starts to throw acorns and pine cones. He thinks he is safe and changes his hiding place. But he is mistaken and as he peeps around a tree he is grabbed from behind and pushed up against the tree for a spanking. The warm up on the trousers is followed by a set on the underwear. Kristophers underwear has been pulled up slightly in the struggle at the start and it shows his ass perfectly. They are pulled down and he is bare ass in the forest. I have to say he looks like he is a bit horny in this clip and he does grab his dick at one point, maybe a hint at things to come from Kristopher. A good bare ass spanking follows and a final warning to behave in the future.

Kristophers surprise: Kristopher is in the set with the ping pong bat, he is one of those lads thats always up to no good. He is wearing baggy trackies and he seems to think that these will save his ass, wrong. The trackies are soon down and his blue underwear are tight enough to offer no resistance at all to the spanking. But when these are pulled down he positively bounces out of them and looks very excited. His cute little butt gets a good set with the ping pong bat and his excitement seems to grow. The look on his face is one of concentration, but what is he concentrating on? Well that becomes obvious as Kristopher surprises us with a massive orgasm. He seems to have found the zone and got something extra out of his paddling. A great clip from this cute lad. Plus four more hot scenes!


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Spanking Stories 110



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