Spanking Stories 111

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Spanking Stories 111
The Cane for Cal: Cal is called in fresh from work for a set with the cane. He bends over the chair and gets the warm up set on the trousers. Cal really dislikes the cane, as you see on his face, but he is man enough to take it well. Then he is told to drop his trousers and get back into position. The cane is then laid on his tight fitting black boxers, and these have to be the best fitting boxers Cal has ever turned up in. The final set is on the bare ass, which has a nice glow about it already. Just look at Cals face when he stands at the end and it’s clear this has been taxing for him, the final rub of his ass confirms it.

Danny OTK: Danny has been told before to buck his ideas up and it seems to have fallen on deaf ears. He is called in and told that things have to change. Then he finds himself OTK and getting a lesson in waking up his ideas. A few good swats on the jeans are followed by a good set on the tight orange boxers, his butt OTK in these looks just perfect. Then he has to drop those and get a final set on the bare ass. He is moaning all the way through and by the end his face shows that he might just have learned a valuable lesson.

Kristopher Bath Time: Kristopher is having a bath, not just a bath but a bubble bath and he is oblivious to the fact that the bubbles have overflowed and spread out of the bathroom. But his relaxing bath does not last long as he is dragged out the bath by the ear, covered in bubbles, and dragged to the salon for a damned good spanking. Its a bit messy but as Kristopher has already made a small flood of bubbles outside the bathroom it doesnt matter. The first swat on his wet butt is an explosion of bubbles. A lovely shot that captures the moment perfectly. The following spanking is a real stinger as he has a wet ass, just what he deserves. A super clip with a little extra something.
Plus two more hot scenes!


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Spanking Stories 111



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