Spanking Stories 112

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Spanking Stories 112
Danny Paddled: A very forlorn looking Danny is due a spanking and he looks so dejected as as he waits while the chair is turned around for him bend over. Once over the chair the ping pong bat lands on his shorts with a resounding thwack. Theres a good session on the shorts before he has to stand up and drop them, it appears he is going commando which makes him always ready to be spanked. The camera captures his small smooth butt perfectly as he gets a great set with the ping pong bat. If he looked dejected at the start he looks positively downhearted at the end of this great clip.

Philip Carpet Beater: Philip is in trouble and this time he is getting a set with the carpet beater. He is not happy about this as he has had the carpet beater before and it really stings. It might look deceptively easy but it has that wonderful lasting effect. The warm up goes OK for him but when he drops his shorts and gets some swats on the thin grey underwear its a different story. But no matter what happens to Philip he remains priapic when he is spanked. When he drops his underwear that is pretty obvious, carpet beater or not. The wicker beater works its magic on Philips rear and he gets more excited until he explodes over the couch. This makes matter worse and his spanking is well deserved. The look on Philips face at the end speaks volumes.

Ricky Jock: The request was for a simple no messing around OTK session. Ricky comes in wearing only the jock and is pulled OTK, I can see why this has been requested as his ass looks just great, framed by the straps. As the swats fall and Rickys butt gets a nice glow to it the contrast with the white of the jock is wonderful to see. A nice clip with Ricky looking his best. Plus two more hot scenes!


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Spanking Stories 112



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