Spanking Stories 83

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Spanking Stories 83
There have been a lot of requests to see Harry get a good old fashioned OTK spanking, so here it is. Starting on his trousers as a warm up then after he has taken them down a good set on the underwear and ending on his bare furry little butt.

For some reason Mark cannot tell the time and is always late. Told to drop his trousers and lean over the couch he gets a reminder on telling the time. Being a dark skinned lad he does not colour up but rather goes a deeper colour, very sexy and a lovely change to the usual. This is a nice clip with our latest arrival Mark.

Having been told to clean his room the very last thing Philip should do is wander into the kitchen stark naked. This must be an idea position as his positively vibrates at each swat. This is a great clip with Philip showing something new.

A lazy Philip is bought to task over his ways and finds himself leaning against the unit for a paddling with the ping pong bat. A good classic Philip spanking follows with the inevitable result that he is standing proud by the end. No doubt about it, he has a really spankable butt. However, the stern lecture at the end tips him over the edge and as he is told off he lets go an uncontrollable orgasm.

Ricky is dozing on the couch, naked. Now we all know the rules of the house and walking around or lying around naked is a “no-no”. So, as he is happy just laying there he is told to raise his ass up and present it for a taste of the strap. This is a great clip in a great position.

Obliviously the craving for coffee early in the morning is greater than Ricky can control and that’s why he is naked in the kitchen. What happens is he is found in a world of his own stark naked and that’s a problem. He is bent over the sideboard and spanked for his error.


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Spanking Stories 83



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