Spanking Stories 85

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Spanking Stories 85
When I say loose – I mean loose boxers. A lad of his size should not wear loose boxers for obvious reasons. Ricky pushes back and presents his ass perfectly for his welts. This has to be one of the sexiest clips Ricky has ever made; it almost seems he wants to tease the spanker by his representing himself as best he can.

It has been discovered that Philip has sticky fingers. Stealing is never acceptable under any circumstances. Confronted with the evidence he is made to strip. He is then spanked with the caret beater. Philip blows a load as you would expect. A super clip starring Philip!

Luke is a lazy lad at the best of times. Left alone and he simply ignores his chores. This leads to a good OTK session with the ping pong bat. He has a great little butt for spanking. Deciding that maybe ironing is not the thing for him Luke is told to get on with his studies. Left alone (again) to study and he quickly logs into a porn website and starts playing with himself! Caught at it he is then paddled with the slim paddle. He remains hard while being spanked and finally shoots a load over the desk.

Luke is chilling playing with phone, like all lads do these days, and he decides to smoke as well. Casually puffing away he is startled by the door closing and quickly dumps his cigarette in a coffee cup. It is too late and he has been found out. Luke gets a good spanking on his jeans, tight black underwear, and finally his bare ass.

What a cheeky selection of brats we have here for your pleasure…Enjoy!



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Spanking Stories 85



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