Spanking Stories 86

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Spanking Stories 86
Cal Pays A Bill: Cal is in trouble over his phone bill. He is reminded that the bill should be the same as his number. He is OTK in a flash and gets some good swats on his jeans, but this is nowhere near enough for the size of the bill. He is told to drop his trousers and wait while the small paddle is found and brought into play. His tight black underwear shows his shapely muscular ass off so well, a really inviting target for the paddle. Of course they have to be pulled down and his bare ass gets the same treatment. It looks like he might use the phone a bit less after this ” discussion. ”

Sleepy Sunday: A coffee in bed as an early morning wake up is a nice gesture. But lazy little Conrad just grunts and rolls over and goes back to sleep. He gets a second wake up call but this time it is with the leather paddle. The covers are thrown back and his sleepy lazy ass gets a wake up call to remember. A little something for a winter Sunday morning.

Something Different: Philip has been reading the emails and requests for more underwear spanking. He decided to try and help out, but not in the best way. He has been out helping himself to underwear in various shops and not paying for it. So while his motives are laudable his method leaves a lot to be desired. Confronted with the evidence of his light fingered ways he is made to strip off and wear the various briefs he has stolen. While wearing them he is paddled with the slim paddle. Paying a high price for his ways Philip hopes his efforts to respond to the requests is understood, just look at his face at the end of the clip as he dresses and you know he means it. Plus two more hot scenes!



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Spanking Stories 86



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