Spanking Stories 87

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Spanking Stories 87
Connor Late: Connor is bought to book by the ear and told once and for all not to be late home. He finds himself OTK for his tardiness. First spanked on the jeans then the tight white underwear and finally the bare ass he finds out that lateness has a price. The sight of his ass in the white underwear is awesome, and the reaction after every swat is just delicious. A wonderful clip with a great lad.

Meet Connor: Connor is a member of a running club. He is well built and toned. Spanked on jeans first to wake him up. Then he is spanked on the white underwear which really show off his runners butt well. Then finally on the bare ass. As the lad is a runner his muscle tone is great, his smooth butt is perfect for spanking. Good to see how he handles his first time OTK, a nervous look on his face at the end. A nice debut for a great looking guy.

Mark Late: Mark is marched in and pulled OTK, no messing around. He gets a good spanking on the jeans, which actually fit so well his ass looks great. Then on his light blue underwear all by hand. Then once his bare ass is revealed the small leather paddle comes out and he gets a taste of that as well. There is a lovely ear pulling to make sure he is listening to what he is being told, and double check that he understands why he is getting a spanking. Mind you with a butt like Marks who needs a reason to spank him, he is just made for spanking. A great clip with Mark as requested.

An Attitude: Mark strolls in and throws the mail down, he is just out the shower and not really dressed for such an attitude. It is easy to guess what happens next, although this did not cross his mind when he threw the mail. The towel he is wearing offers no protection and anyway it is soon removed and his delightful bare ass revealed. A good short sharp lesson for Mark which I doubt he will heed. Plus four more hot scenes!



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Spanking Stories 87



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