Spanking Stories 88

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Spanking Stories 88
Arthur paddled: Just as he was leaving after his visit Arthur got a little surly in the way he spoke so we thought a short session with the ping pong bat might help focus him a little ready for the next time he comes. A few good swats on the tight fitting jeans and then on the underwear and finally his bare ass. This seems to do the trick as he does not look quite so arrogant as before.

Mark as well: Things are starting to get seasonal with the lads and Mark has turned up in Santa boxers. Like Santa he also appears to have some tucked away in them. He is told off for yet another misdemeanor and his boxers are pulled down. Out bounces a very happy and excited Mark. Looks like he has been around Philip too much and the effect is catching. But with an ass like Marks there really is only one thing that needs to be done and thats a good spanking. Some lovely shots of his cute butt as he is spanked and at the end there is no sign of his prior excitement.

Forgot the chores: Philip has had a shower and is relaxing playing games on his phone. The trouble is he has forgotten to do his chores before all of these things. He is asked about this and told in no uncertain terms that he has to do his work first. Philip is made to lay on the couch and the strap cracks down on his ass. First on his underwear and then on his bare ass. This is not the best position to spank Philip in as he always gets excited and finding himself in his usual state it is impossible to stop the inevitable happening. The look on his face at the end is a mixture of embarrassment and agony, a great combination. Plus one more hot scene.



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Spanking Stories 88



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