Spanking Stories 89

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Spanking Stories 89
Arthur Caught Out: Arthur is meant to be studying but he is surfing the net instead. There is only one way to deal with this and that is to paddle his ass. The slim paddle is ideal for this. His butt looks great in jeans and the underwear fits his curves beautifully. Some great angles on this hot lad getting the spanking he deserves. A lovely pert little butt that the paddle loves. Seems that study is easier than surfing the net. Lets hope he has not learned a lesson.

Meet Arthur: Having said he would come three times Arthur has finally turned up. His reason is that he never makes plans and decides on the day what he is doing. He also has that surly look that says he is slightly arrogant. Told to strip and wait in his underwear and wait he still has that look about him. This is his first ever spanking and he looks very uncomfortable with it. His ass, however, looks great both in boxers and bare. A good little debut for Arthur and as he has a perfect little ass I am sure we will see more of him soon, with or without attitude.

Philip Belt: The bathroom was left in a mess and Philip is the culprit. He is thrown down on the couch and given the belt. His ass is presented perfectly and is glowing in no time at all. With one leg up on the couch and the other on the floor Philips muscular butt is a perfect picture. The look on his face, and the quick glance at the camera speak volumes in this great clip.

Philip The Final Demand: Not only has Philip run up a big bill he hid the first demand and now the final red demand has turned up. There is only one way to deal with him and thats OTK. His face really shows that he knows he has over stepped the mark. Always great to see Philip get excited when he is spanked and this is no exception, he grows as his ass gets get a walloping. A good old fashioned simple OTK for Philip and just what he needs. Plus two more hot scenes!



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Spanking Stories 89



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