Spanking Stories 92

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Spanking Stories 92
Arthur gets the carpet-beater: A requested clip with Arthur. Marched in naked and told to kneel on the couch Arthur finds out about the carpet beater. A classic item to spank with and effective in many ways. The colour of his butt changes quickly and it is clear that he is finding out that appearances can be deceptive. We just catch a glimpse of his clenched hands, the look on his face is grim to say the least. Lets see what we can find to test him with next time.

Connor made a mistake: Connors mistake was making Ricky wait, he has a short fuse at the best of times and this has triggered him. He drags the bemused Connor OTK and pays into his ass. A good start on his jeans as a warm up, until he is told him to drop them. Then a nice spanking on his underwear before they are pulled down for a bare ass finale. Every spanker has their own style and Ricky is no exception. He spanks on the up stroke as well as the down stroke. A refreshing change of style and pace, and he has a heavy hand as well as an added bonus.

Move it: Cal tells the two lads to get on and move the furniture around, he is a trusting soul and leaves them to get on with it. Being lads they decide not to do anything at all. But somehow the conversation gets round to Cal and they have a wager that they can spank each other better than him. Philip goes first, spanking Mark. Then Mark spanks Philip. What is clear from this is that some guys are born to spank and some are born to be spanked. Philip tries his best and Marks attempt is pitiful. But this is besides the point as Cal comes back and catches them at it. Not only is he angry that they have not moved the furniture but that they are playing around. He produces a paddle and gets them both kneeling on the unmoved couch and paddles their rears, showing them how it should be done. A fun clip with three popular guys, two who are spankees only with confirmation of that fact. Plus two more hot scenes.


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Spanking Stories 92



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