Spanking Stories 93

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Spanking Stories 93
Leon Outdoors: A walk is always good for you but Leon is not happy. He is moaning and complaining, he is cold, he is bored, he wants to go home, on and on. He is so bored he starts to throw stones about despite being told not to. The next time he does it he is grabbed and pulled over to the trees and has his trousers and underwear pulled down and gets a good outdoor spanking for his troubles.

A Bad day for Leon 2: Both the guys have had a shower and Ricky is drying himself quietly. Leon sneaks up and towel flicks him and that sets off Rickys short fuse. Leon is thrown OTK and Ricky lathers him hard. The lad is yelping and struggling but Rickys heavy hand is cracking down on his ass hard all the time. A real rough and tumble spanking with Ricky having none of it, Leon needs a walloping and that’s what he is getting. Looking at Leons butt at the end you can see why he is wiping away the tears. Has he learned not to tease Ricky? I doubt it, watch out for part 3 soon.

A Bad Day for Leon 3: Leon is nursing a sore ass from his last spanking and feeling sorry for himself when in storms Ricky. He has found his clothes and shoes all tied up in knots, another of Leons pranks. He is furious and has a strap with him to show just how mad he is. Leon is thrown over on the couch and Ricky gives him a lathering to remember. A spectacular finale to the mini series.

Coach Cal 3: Coach seems to have some difficult students to deal with. Now it appears that Mark is also late, which is never the best way to start a training session. But coach is prepared and has a paddle ready and Mark finds himself OTK without much ado. Trackies are soon down and his tight black underwear offer little comfort from the paddling. His bare ass gets paddled and the look on Coachs face is stern and unrelenting. Mark is left rubbing his butt wondering if he will measure up in his training. Plus three more hot scenes.

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Spanking Stories 93



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