Spanking Stories 94

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Spanking Stories 94
Arthur OTK: This is a requested clip. You can always tell you are in trouble by the look on the waiting face. Arthur has yet to learn this, and learn to tell the time. He is late and the impatience shows. He is taken OTK and gets a good sound spanking. His butt looks great in jeans and they do fit tightly showing him off well. Then his underwear which are a perfect color for presenting him, and finally his bare ass which is always good see being spanked. A classic OTK for a naughty lad with Arthur who still has a lot to learn.

Connor Paddled: Connor faces getting the paddle from Ricky and has no idea whats in store for him. He finds himself OTK and getting the ping pong bat on his shorts first of all. But thats just a warm up as they are pulled down and his bare ass gets a really good walloping. It has to be a good spanking because Ricky breaks the ping pong bat as he is doing it. Not quite sure what he should do he looks round to check and carries on with a changed grip on the bat. Connors butt glows at the end and its no wonder as he broke the bat.

Leon in trouble: Leon is in big trouble for fighting, just look at that black eye. He is to stay behind and do extra studies for his trouble making. But no sooner is he left alone than he idly flips the pages and promptly puts his head down for a nap. Woken up with a jerk as the cane slams onto the desk he looks sheepish and guilty. Told to drop his trousers and bend over the desk he does as he is told. Once in position he has his underwear pulled down ready to get the cane. As each stroke of the cane lands there is a sharp intake of breath and a wince on his face. The stripes on his butt glow red and angry no wonder he has to reach back and rub some comfort from time to time. Plus three more hot scenes.

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Spanking Stories 94



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