Steven And Patrick

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Steven And Patrick
African twinks Patrick and Steven return from a tribal ceremony, still in their robes. Horny for each other, the two pull up their robes and Patrick goes down on his Black friend. Then Steven has to piss and Patrick drinks the golden nectar. Patrick’s ebony body is still wet with piss and shiny from massage oil when Steven pulls him on the bed to fuck his black ass raw. Patrick has difficulty taking his top’s big black cock, but eventually they get to some serious bareback fucking. Then Steven has to piss and Patrick drinks it all. After some more fucking, Steven is on the edge, so Patrick showers him with his piss. Steven is still hard when he sprays his yellow gold in Patrick’s mouth. With lots of piss breaks, Steven controls his orgasm, but eventually he can’t hold back. He pulls out and shoots onto his friend’s belly. Patrick soon follows with his own cum load.
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Steven And Patrick



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