Straight Guys First Time Gay For Pay

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Straight Guys first time Gay For Pay

Jordan and Dalton are two straight first timers that meet the ‘Voice Behind the Camera’
in this new exclusive video from D&E Productions. They say they are both 100% straight, never had any gay sex, and never done any adult work or escorting. At first they were tense but after some small talk with Director David Adamson, they are ready for their first gay for pay experience. After watching some straight porn, they soon have big rock hard cocks. It’s time for David to get the boys to ‘suck the dick’ and after a bit of haggling about price they are going down on each other. Both these straight guys have big cocks and could easily command some big bucks as straight escorts. I’d be happy to hire them!

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Straight Guys First Time Gay For Pay



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