Straight Off Base: Solo Charlie

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Straight Off Base: Solo Charlie
Straight off base, Lance Corporal Charlie, a beefy Marine stud from Pennsylvania drops by the Major’s place to rub one out. LCpl Charlie is 19 years old, stands at 5’9” and weighs in at 173 lbs. He ran track, played baseball, football and wrestled back in his high school days. He even wrestled a couple of girls as opponents, popped a chub and lost focus, but still won his matches. At the Major’s request, LCpl Charlie removes his jeans and proceeds to stroke and squeeze his 7 inch cock until he bursts several massive jizz squirts across the chair he’s reclining in and catches the Major completely off guard!
Director: Major Wood
Starring:Charlie (m)


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Straight Off Base: Solo Charlie



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