Straight Rent Boy Sucks Daddy

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Straight Guys first time Gay For Pay

It’s straight boy John’s turn to move into the big leagues. He got quite the lesson in gay sex with his hot sessions with Tyler. There is an older sugar daddy that has never rented an escort before that wants to give him a try and he is willing to pay $600 for the experience.

Of course John is nervous at first as he is a virgin to the gay for pay scene. So Daddy starts by giving John a good blow job and after a while John seems to get into it. If his cumshot is any indication of how much he liked it; then it’s safe to say that he really enjoyed it.

If John could collect his money and walk out now, he would be a happy camper. but Daddy wants more. He wants a nice blowjob for his money. John seems to be able to perform pretty good; guess Tyler taught him well. Daddy is not easy and pushes his cock deep inside John’s mouth. John takes it like a man. Or should I say a straight rent boy in training. Download the full length gay for pay video at Straight Rent Boys.

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Straight Rent Boy Sucks Daddy



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