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It’s been a while since they had a real straight boy on Gay Asian Amateurs. Mac is a 25 straight Asian boy who has a girlfriend. (We are not sure if she knows that he is doing this, so please don’t tell.) The cameraman asks him if he can suck him in the video. Mac asks how much and after a 4000 baht offer is placed on the table, he accepts the deal.

Mac is obviously nervous in the shoot. He starts by undressing and rubbing his cock through his jeans. Soon the horny cameraman is helping him by rubbing his cock, sucking his nipples, and eventually going in for the kill; taking his cock deep in his mouth. It’s not long before this straight Asian boy is shooting a huge load of juicy cum all over his lean Asian body. Did I mention the fact that this boy is hung. Really hung. Think big. Shoot hard. Download the full video at Gay Asian Amateurs.

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Straight Thai Hunk Jerks Off



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