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Straight Guys first time Gay For Pay

Well this week I have a very special treat for you, and no, it’s not just that you get to see my pretty face in front instead of behind the camera for a change. I really made a score this week and found 2 very hot new straight boys that I just have to tell you about!

The first hot straight rent boy is named ‘Nick.’ Nick is the room mate of the guy ‘Justin’ that I met at the toilets a couple of weeks ago. As you may recall, Justin is a Straight Rent Boy that offered me a blow job for $50.00 while I was casually taking a piss in the park. Justin had also told me he had a straight room mate who was in the same line of ‘work.’ I think you guys will be thanking Justin for this introduction, because Nick is a hung, muscle bound stud that many a girl and guy would go for!

The 2nd new model this week is ‘Eli.’ Eli also came to me via a referral, someone you all know well as ‘Mikey the King.’ As you all know Mikey is currently a Manager at a Burger King, and Eli came in for an interview. Unfortunately, Eli did not get the Burger King job, but Mikey told Eli he did know another way he could make money…and that’s how he sent Eli to me! Thanks Mikey!

After some haggling on price, I decided to just blow my budget to make this scene happen. I convinced Nick to come with me back from the park for a ‘solo’ video. Little did he know Eli was waiting, who also just thought he was going to do a ‘solo.’

I wasn’t sure if these guys would agree to have sex together, but for $700 each and some straight porn they were definitely pretty open minded to each other. Both Eli and Nick have great bodies and beautiful cocks, and a raw energy I haven’t seen in a long time. Money can’t buy you everything, but it certainly can buy you a couple of hot, hung straight and horny studs!

I won’t go into all the details of the video, I figure it’s better you watch it for yourself. I will tell you that I’ll be bringing these 2 back for more. They have only just begun in my gay for pay bootcamp, and I have a lot more in store for them. Mwa ha ha ha ha!!!

Download The Full Length Gay For Pay Video – Click Here


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StraightRentBoys – Nick And Eli



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