StraightRentBoys Suck!

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StraightRentBoys Suck!

I thought that title might get your attention. If you were wondering how well StraightRentBoy Nick does in his profession giving blow jobs in the bushes for $50, this is the video for you. After fucking and cumming all over his mate Eli’s body, I love how he doesn’t even clean the cum off of Eli’s stomach and just goes straight down on that cock.

Nick slurps up and down that cock like a professional Rent Boy…oh wait, he is one! You can tell Eli is struggling not to bust his nut as he fucks Nick’s mouth. Nick then fingers Eli’s freshly fucked asshole, until he finally shoots squirts some more jizz on his body adding fresh semen to the cum puddles on his body.

I’d say Nick is worth the $50, hell I’m going to have to find this park to buy one for myself. Both these boys worked ‘hard’ for their money and I gotta tell you, they do fucking SUCK (but in a damn good way)!

Download the full video at StraightRentBoys.com

Download the full length video at StraightRentBoys.com!

Straight Money Boys


StraightRentBoys Suck!



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