Surfers, Stoners, And Jocks

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Surfers, Stoners, And Jocks
These Gay4Pay types really do come from all walks of life. Some are beach bums, some are stoners who sit on their couches and play video games all day, and some are jocks, MMA fighters and gym rats. In fact, a lot of these guys might never run across each other in their day to day lives. The one thing they all have in common, though, is that either their wallet or their curiosity got the better of them, and they all wound up in a room with a lot of lighting and cameras and a dick in their asses. Whatever their motivation, it seems clear that they are all closet homos, and these videos prove it. Don’t tell me some random straight dude is going to bust a load from fucking another guy. It just doesn’t happen. These surfers, stoners, and jocks, though, are all easy on the eyes, and they are definitely raunchy bastards! This film is loaded with oral and anal cum loads, and lots of first-timer action. I Knew they were gay! All of them!


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Surfers, Stoners, And Jocks



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