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Dickin’ Danny Dickers

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Dickin' Danny Dickers
It is a lazy football Sunday so Ethan Palmer asks permission from his Daddy to have his buddy Danny Dickers over to study and have dinner with them. Danny wastes no time going for Ethan’s cock under the counter while Victor is making Dinner. Once alone in Ethan’s room, the clothes come off and the cocks cum out. Danny sucks and chokes on Ethan’s hard dick as Ethan feeds his mouth balls deep. Ethan gets up and mounts his friend doggy style and proceeds to pound his hole. He turns him over and fucks him more until Victor bursts into the room to see why the boys aren’t coming for dinner. Ethan is eager to share his school buddies hole with his Dad and Victor is all too happy to take some of Daddy boy’s ass. Victor pumps into Daddy until he dumps a huge load of his daddy sperm allover and in the boys butt. Victor gets back to cooking and Ethan continues to breed his cum filled friend until he adds his own spunk to Danny Dickers soaking hole.
Director: Victor Cody


Excerpt from:
Dickin’ Danny Dickers



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