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Zoran and Nikola

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Nikola has a dong like a stud-magnet – everyone requires a taste – and he’s usually pretty cool with letting any hot frat boy suck on his meat. Enter Zoran, a cum-eating power bottom who’s craving the monster inside Nikola’s jeans. It’s not long before he’s got a mouthful of shaft and both mans are in the throws of oral ecstasy. Nikola’s had his share of mouthes on his 10 rod, but even he seems blown away by Zoran’s fancy tongue work. In return, Nikola offers Zoran even MORE pecker and fucks him bareback right between the cheeks. Tons of great close-ups as Nikola’s naked dickhead rams Zoran’s firm hole. Proving what a cum-fiend-pig he is, Zoran then sucks cum swap guys Nikola’s weiner straight out of his own rump – and slurps back an extra foamy milkshake straight from Nikola’s balls. Not forgetting his manners – Zoran shares the gooey prize with Nikola in a nice sticky climax.

Zoran and Nikola

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