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HR Disaster

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HR Disaster
Harassment in the workplace never seems to stop for Christian Taylor, and this time, he’s getting fucked!
Studio: KinkMen
Bound Gods
Starring:Christian Taylor


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HR Disaster



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Vlada and Mateja

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Vlada and Mateja know each-other well. They’ve been to their fuck-buddies apartments many times before. Today, lust rules and they waste no time in losing themselves in act. Their clothes fly off, and things open up with a slow blowjob to get things going, before couch cowboy and reverse cowboy action! If that wasn’t enough, which it never seems to be for these two hard-fucking men; after a little doggy-style, in the heat of the moment they can’t resist tasting cream, and go rump-to-mouth! You won’t believe your eyes!


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Vlada and Mateja



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