Take It Deep

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Take It Deep
Let’s make it simple: a young thin and beautiful black man with a 10 inches dick + a big hairy bear in an hotel room. What could happen?
Don’t dream of it: Davidours did it. Taking this meat in his mouth, deeply, almost entirely…
And Nocturne is no exception: he sucks Davidours’s cock so well, massaging his big balls, Davidours can’t resist : he floods Nocturne with his hot cum…
But this black man has not finished with him: he sinks its 10 inches of flesh as hard as steel in this wide open ass, then screws it in all position, before squirting abundantly on his chest ….
An amazing fuck scene with two outstanding partners who will make you become hard for the day! Woof!
Studio: Ursus Video
Director: Michael Nest


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Take It Deep



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