Taming The Beast

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Taming The Beast
Lorrenzo is a straight Italian Stallion, he’s a bit older than we usually have on Bait Buddies, but once you see his bodybuilder muscles, big bubble butt and fat 9” cock, the last thing you’ll be thinking about is his age. Lorrenzo answered our ad for male models wanting to earn cash making porn with beautiful women. Caruso paired him up with a favorite of his, our bait boy, Cameron Kincade, a sexy good looking dude with a hot athletic body who started out as the straight boy in Caruso’s videos, but has been exploring his bi side even outside of Bait Buddies. Caruso is more than a little nervous about baiting Lorrenzo after he finds out that this massive hunk is an MMA fighter, kick boxer, wrestler and holds multi-state championship titles in Brazilian jiu jitsu. So, first he has the guys strip down to show off their stuff…and they look fantastic from the front and back – enough to make a gay man drool. Caruso leaves them to jack to some straight porn while he goes to ‘get the girl’. Of course the girl can’t make it because of the heavy rain storm and the only possibility of the guys making money is for them to have sex with each other. Lorrenzo reacts strongly and tells Caruso he’s not into that shit. But, as is with most guys, when you get them in the ‘porn bubble’ inside a porn studio, with porn playing, the smell of sex, their dicks hard and their hormones flowing, a little fuzzy Caruso logic goes a long way, and for double the money, Lorrenzo is up for the job!
Studio: Bait Buddies
Director: Gio Caruso


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Taming The Beast



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