Teenage Cum Dump Creampies

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Teenage Cum Dump Creampies
Although their infractions are usually minor, we are always eager to bust these residents. For one, we can’t wait to have those teenagers staring up while their mouths are stuffed with cock. Secondly, their holes feel amazing. It didn’t take long to have these jack-asses tugging on pole. At first they seem completely shell shocked about what is happening, but it soon dawns on them the extent of their punishment. Usually, once they slither onto their knees, they give some pretty good dome. Most of them haven’t sucked a lot of cock in their life, but they all have warm and inviting mouths.

None of them is ever ready for their first bareback bruising, but they soon learn. Sometimes they are difficult to crack open, but sometimes the cock just slides right in there. They get fucked on their backs, in doggie, and from behind. The House Manager doesn’t hold back, either, and the entire time we treat them like the little bitches they are. Slapping them around and treating them basically like a little rag doll is a lot of fun, but the House Manager is definitely focused on the end-game: filling their young stud asses with as much cum as possible. And breeding them is never a problem.

As the House Manager gets close to busting, the resident typically just has a vacant, slightly agonized look on his face. It’s as if they are processing everything on about a 3 minute delay. No matter, we get what we want and he now has a lot to think about. Namely: getting clean and realizing that he isn’t the special pretty boy that everyone has always treated him like. He’s just another whore until he gets his act together.

Director: Shane Aaron


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Teenage Cum Dump Creampies



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