Teens Need Daddy

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Teens Need Daddy
Sure, these young men are ostensibly in it for the money. After all, where else can they make a few Benjies in an hour or two’s time? It’s definitely a sideline that develops multiple skill sets and desirable workforce traits: customer service, athletic ability (hopefully), courtesy, punctuality, salesmanship. Because they are eager to leave a good impression and get some return calls. However, with many of these guys I have a feeling that it’s about more than just filling up their wallets. Let’s face it, most of these whores come from broken homes, and most probably didn’t grow up with a lot of male influence in their lives. When they meet a successful, authoritative father figure, some (no all) grow attached rather quickly. And then it’s not just about the moolah. If it were purely transaction, I doubt that these sexy teens would be letting a daddy stick his cock inside them, pound them into submission, and breed them. But not only do they let Daddy do whatever he wants, they are all smiles afterward. So much for just making a buck, right? Turning a good looking, in-shape stud into a complete daddy’s bitch requires some finesse, but it’s not impossible, especially if the teen in question needs a daddy to begin with.
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Teens Need Daddy



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