The 9 Inches Of Felipe Capuco

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The 9 Inches Of Felipe Capuco
Super hung young Latin twink Felipe Capuco is the perfect young man for all those hungry bottoms out there. Sporting his thick 9 inches of solid, and we mean solid, dick alongside his lean slim but tanned frame – who could want more. His puppy dog eyes and youthful full head of hair and lips you could just bite down and suck on as much of his cock just to make his cum even more inducingly hot. Catch him and his famous massive member in four top scenes all featuring him topping the lucky twinks and studs who have the luck to be split open by him! His smooth motion and hip movement when he pummels his hot shaft into them shows just what a young power top he is, and a real natural at it too!


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The 9 Inches Of Felipe Capuco



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