The Games Men Play

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The Games Men Play
In the first scene, Link is back from vacation and is sporting a shaggy head of hair. Normally he looks like a young Brad Pitt, but with the extra locks he looks a lot like a young Justin Bieber, so Mark called this solo scene Bieber Who? He starts out almost naked reading a book on male nudes. This gets him thinking about men, of course, and results in him whipping his cock out. He enjoys playing with his hard dick but knows it would feel better with a toy. Link takes his favorite glass butt plug and installs it firmly between his cheeks making him shoot a big load on his belly. He heads for the shower and enjoys the warm water leaving the plug in his hole until the very last minute.

In Scene Two, Link, Alexey, Eli and Jay, our resident MMA cage fighter are chilling at the studio. These guys all know each other and actually spend a lot of time behind the cameras together. Sometimes they work on studio stuff, but today there isn’t anything to do and they are bored. Eli suggests they play Spin the Bottle and they all sit in a circle on the floor. Of course the game is just an excuse to get naked, and Jay Diamond is the first nude guy. The other three “loose” quickly and the fun starts with Link and Eli going down on Jay and Alexey. The blowing continues and the guys switch positions so that everyone is blown and hard! Next is a daisy chain with all four guys forming a very sexy circle with heads bobbing and mouths sucking. The guys form a line and jack their dicks to see who can cum first. Alexey wins shooting in his hand and dropping his hot jizz into his mouth! His prize for winning is the others will shoot on his face! We don’t want to give away all the surprises, but safe to say Alexey ends up glazed like a donut!

Studio: Gemini Studios
Director: Mark Gemini


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The Games Men Play



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