TJ And His Playmate

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TJ And His Playmate
TJ is half asleep on the couch trying to get some rest but his libido won’t let him. He starts to slowly grind and pop his perfect ass into the air as his shorts slip down a little. He then gets up to reveal his massive wet erection trapped in his athletic shorts before walking out into the bathroom.

TJ enters and looks around, reaching up and seemingly out of nowhere, pulls out his blow up doll.

He lays the doll down on the side of his bathtub and moves his mouth down toward her pussy, where he begins to lick to his hearts desire, once again getting massively erect.

Getting up and spinning around he puts his dolls head between his furry ass cheeks as he begins to stroke his hard cock between her plastic breasts. Letting her head just graze between his cheeks makes him even more erect, causing it to throb and drip.

TJ gets up and lies down on the floor, pulling his special friend on top of him, lowering her down onto his pulsing erection. His body soon begins to shake as he gets close to cumming, but he stops before doing so.

Standing up, he leans against the shower and uses his doll to stroke his thick cock over and over again, getting increasingly faster.
His legs shake and taint pulses as he gets close to cumming. He lifts the doll off of him and shoots his massive load everywhere, pouring out of his cock like a waterfall of cum. splattering as it hits the floor.

Then dropping the doll on the floor, he glances up, giving a sexy grin.

Studio: Boys On Edge
Director: Shax Carter
Starring:TJ Hancock


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TJ And His Playmate



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