Tom Katt, Dino Dimarco, Sweet Williams, Jack Simmons

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It’s a hot time in the ole town tonight! A couple of hunky cowboys are hangin’ in the local strip club while a fresh piece of twink meat gyrates on stage. But it’s the action off stage that heats up right away, when the patrons turn to each other – more importantly – each other’s cocks. Cocks are swallowed and sucked on like they were draft taps about to go dry – but fortunately for everyone, this is not the case. The bar is quickly turned into a mini cum fest, with geysers of thick, white man juice dripping off thick fat cowboy cocks. There’s just something about a rugged cowboy with 9 inches of thick man-sausage between his lips that makes you wanna blow a load! The scene changes to a rugged and hairy beefcake handyman doing a little “sword swallowing” with a swash-buckling soldier. Both manly studs take turns wetting each other’s cocks with their mouths until the police raid the party in the strip club RIGHT before cock-sucking conclusion. Ride ’em cowboys! YEE-HAW!


Tom Katt, Dino Dimarco, Sweet Williams, Jack Simmons



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