Tony Bishop The Best Of

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Tony Bishop The Best Of
Drew Crawford and Tony Bishop:
Drew Crawford knows what Tony Bishop is hiding. A very fat cock that he wants badly. Making out, he wastes little time in pulling that thick dick out. And once he does, the greedy cocksucker goes down on Tony, taking him all the way to the balls. The scruffy bottom then shows off his amazing ass, which Tony eats out like he’s dining on filet mignon. Drew’s fever for cock makes him hotter as Tony teases the opening then slides that curved fucker home. This is primal bareback sex at it’s finest because Tony and Drew know it’s all about that connection between raw cock and bare fuckhole. Love and romance have nothing to do with this type of fucking. Tony and Drew rut like animals, with Drew slamming that fat slab of meat inside Tony in one fell swoop. He takes and uses the bareback bottom pig, fucking the cum out of Drew before blowing his own load.

Jackson Fillmore and Tony Bishop:
Even before the cameras start rolling, Jackson Fillmore and Tony Bishop go at it. Barely making out, curly-haired and bearded Jackson drops to his knees to service tattooed Tony’s big fat cock. It’s a juicy slab of meat and he knows how to use it, fucking Jackson’s throat, making him gag. But Tony’s almost as orally fixated as Jackson so he returns the favor, sucking his cock before the two get into a 69. But Jackson’s sweet ass is too much for Tony to resist. He buries his face in Jackson’s crack. His tongue in Jackson’s hole, Tony eats the sweet pucker as if his life depended on it. Then the fun begins. Sweaty, hard, balls-deep pounding. But this isn’t just bareback fucking. This is pure, unadulterated rutting complete with dirty nasty talk as the two all but forget we were even in the room filming. Tony eventually slows down, sliding in and out of Jackson nice and easy, with a rocking motion that makes Jackson’s eyes roll back into his head before unloading and slamming back into the bareback cum pig to seed his hungry ass. Plus three more hot scenes!


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Tony Bishop The Best Of



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