Topher And A Masked Man

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Topher And A Masked Man
Topher and a young, tatted up, anonymous and masked furry mother fucker with a gorgeous ass get it on. Topher drops to his knees, as always, and starts slurping on the anon cock. Then he flips him around to give him a rim job in his furry fuck hole making him moan and squirm. Then it’s Topher’s turn, as the hooded cub sucks his cock good before Topher turns him around and puts his cock inside his tight hairy ass. It’s back to Topher sucking dick before he gets on the bed and let’s the stud put his raw dick in Topher’s hairy man hole. Then we flip to find Topher buried face first before he needs in that hole again. Topher fucks him balls deep making him wimper. The hooded stud wants to taste his ass on Topher’s cock, so he sucks him before Topher goes back to fucking him good. The then masked man goes wild, power pounding Topher into a frenzy before dumping his load. Then Topher gets his turn to get off to finsih off this hot fucking scene.


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Topher And A Masked Man



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