Tori On Her Knees

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Tori On Her Knees
Tori gets on her knees! Serge (in the Under Armour) has been a fan of the site for a while and emailed us asking if he could be in a scene! We teamed him up with the incredibly hot Ari (in the Puma briefs) and together they took on Tori!

They strip down to their underpants and Tori gets on her knees and licks Ari’s balls through the fabric of his boxers. Serge watches and smiles as his cock stiffens in his briefs. The two built young men move closer together with their firm cocks hanging out of their pants. Ari moans when Tori sucks his cock into her mouth.

Ari gets his cock serviced first, then Serge’s meat gets attention before Ari puts his hands on both sides of Tori’s face and stuff his fat hard cock into her throat.

He sits on the sofa and Tori climbs between his legs to sucks his delicious cock some more! As Ari gets his cock sucked Serge kneels on the couch behind Tori, and slides his prick inside her. His fantasy is being realized! He’s fucking a girl while she sucks another man’s cock!

Continuing with his fantasy, Serge pulls out so Ari can shove his dick in, taking advantage of the lube and spit his buddy’s cock left behind!

Ari (m)


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Tori On Her Knees



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