Tutoring Lance

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Tutoring Lance
Lance, who is a fucking gorgeous 23 year old Latino straight boy answered ad for models with his 28 year old buddy, Dale, who was his tutor in International Marketing in college. So, both boys are brought out together, neither knows about the bait and switch that’s coming up. Within minutes of Caruso rolling video he asks the guys what type of sex they like. When he asked the guys if they were willing to do something with each other, Lance was a bit shocked. Caruso then asks if he ever thought about doing something with a dude and he said ‘no’. However, he did admit to jacking off with a buddy and that it wasn’t so bad – and eventually he agrees to try it out with his college tutor and bud Dale. Both boys sport around 8 inches of cock, Lance’s might be a little thicker which made it hot to watch the mutual jacking. Then when Dale gets on his knees and takes that beautiful Latino man’s beautiful cock into his mouth, we were all drooling in the studio wishing we were the lucky ones. But so it goes – and we continue to watch as Lance tries cock sucking for the first time. He does a real good job once he gets started and the newness factor fades and he surprisingly tells us he likes it. When it comes to kissing, it’s a short session. Caruso says ”you don’t like kissing him, yet you already had his cock in your mouth” which brings on some giggles. That’s soon forgotten once Lance starts fucking the boy doggy style and they’re both moaning with pleasure. Then they change positions. Dale asks for it on his face and Lance gives that beauty of his a few strokes and serves up a hot load of Latino spunk. Caruso asks Lance how it went… Lance replies ”He pulled me through it – he knew what to do”. It looks like a tutor’s job is never done – especially when you’re ‘Tutoring Lance’!
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Tutoring Lance



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