Two Men And A Fuck

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Two Men And A Fuck
Nothing could make moving better, but two good men and a really good FUCK!

Jack Hunter has been away from home for far too long. The bond he shares with Mickey has been pushed to its limit and they must see each other. Mickey has been notified of Jack’s plan to return home for a few days and is so excited that he can’t sleep. Finally the wait is over and the two are reunited. Mickey leaps into Jacks arms and holds on tight.

Cameron Taylor is stunning to say the least. He is a local model with huge talent and Colby could not wait to work with him. Nothing is hotter to me than seeing a huge cock swinging between the bottoms legs and boy does Cameron have a huge cock. Cameron is so ready for Colby’s thick cock that he cums in the first couple minutes of being fucked. Hot damn we want more…

Colby and Mickey are finally ready for their big move. Mickey Taylor and Junior Fernandez are the two movers that have been hired for assistance. They realize there is not enough bubble wrap so Colby and his husband leave Junior and Mickey T all alone. Little do they know they are missing all the fun back at the house…

After seeing the movers he hired fucking on his couch Colby wants to fuck them too. Horny as hell and anxious to get laid Colby doesn’t waste any time making the first move. He grabs Mickey T by the cock and starts kissing him right away. He fucks Mickey Taylor resulting is a cum covered mess.

Colby and Mickey knew that moving would be fun but they never expected it to be this much fun. The day started out as many do with Colby’s Cock deep inside Mickey’s ass. When Colby and Mickey see the two movers they hired fucking they immediately want it! Colby takes his prize and fucks Mickey Taylor. Mickey Taylor is ready to really pound his ass after getting fucked as the end to a long day of hard work.

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Two Men And A Fuck



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