Vic Hall, Chip Daniels, Rusty Samuels

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It’s no holes barred in this intense all-stud threesome. At first long haired dude Vic Hall leads the action, with ginger dude Rusty Samuels and brunette Chip Daniels getting down on their knees to simultaneously suck his dick. Then the fun gets more egalitarian, with the studs lying in a circle on the mattress and mouthing each other. However, it’s lucky Chip who gets to be the rectal slave of the day, fucked in his mouth and his tight backside by the combined massive dickheads of brunette Vic and ginger Rusty. He really gets pounded, with the studs holding him down and vigorously drilling him in his tender anus until he pleads with them to stop.


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Vic Hall, Chip Daniels, Rusty Samuels



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