World Of Schyzo

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World Of Schyzo
Spin of the cultured SCHYZO (awarded best film for a new studio in Berlin in 2013), World of Schyzo revisits the debasement without artifice. Here it’s 100% men, the raw man who lead, submit and put in his place any bastard who does not respect himself! Kneeling, 4-legged, hooded or Dog Training mode, insults flow afloat like the piss that fills the bowl of the dog! Guest Star Domiaddcit, the alpha male from Nice will put you in the mood in a scene that smells good kibble and urine fluffy! Go Bastard! Your visions come true now! It’s an order!
Studio: RidleyDovarez
Director: Ridley Dovarez


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World Of Schyzo



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